Football Coaching Forms Index

Note: Forms marked with (FX) were submitted to us by the Forms Exchange community. 

Breakdown, Scripting and Drawing Forms

Offensive Breakdown Form - 4 boxes per page. Draw and record. 

Defensive Breakdown Form - 4 boxes per page. Draw and record

Offensive Play Drawing Form - 4 boxes with 1 back. Defensive Perspective

Offensive Script Form - Grid. 

Offensive Script Form - Grid  (Style 2)

Offensive Script Form - Grid Style 3

Defensive Script Form - Grid.

General Purpose Down and Distance Summary - Grid

Play Chart Sheet (FX)

Blank for Pass Skeleton - chart with 8 boxes with interior line  (FX)


Game Plan Forms - for Defensive Coaches

Game Plan Template - Sample - A "filled in" Game Plan template in PDF format, illustrating how one coach used it. Contains actual tendency data summarized from Easy-Scout reports. Also includes a section for calling Defensive Fronts and Blitzes by Down and Distance situation.This form was featured in an article written by Mike Kuchar of

Game Plan Template - A blank Game Plan template in MS Word format - ready to use.  Fill in as little or as much as you want from your Down and Distance tendency data and your Defensive Package.

Offensive Game Plan Sheet - Multi purpose Offensive game plan sheet with columns for planning a "hole based" attack  (FX)

Game Plan Forms - for Offensive Coaches

Offensive "Ready Sheet" - A blank Offensive Game Plan template in MS Word format - ready to use.  Includes areas for listing runs, passes, special plays and more. Also includes a Down and Distance section with boxes for each Hash location, Game Script section and a 2 point decision chart.   (FX)

Tendency Summary Forms

General Purpose Down and Distance Summary - Grid - Designed to summarize plays taken from a game script. Can also be used to directly record plays or even defensive information.

Game Summary Form  - Comprehensive form for recording information about plays.  Designed to efficiently collect a great deal of information. Includes an area for play diagrams on each page.   (FX)

Formation Hit Chart - A chart with boxes for illustrating plays run by Formation or Formation and Hash. This example shows and explains two variations, and includes links to a number of different blank templates.

Single Formation Hit Chart template - This incorporate the charting capabilities explained in the example into a single chart

4 Box Formation Summary Template - Ideal for in-game use, this form can show 4 different formations

6 Box Formation Summary template - A 6 Box version of the Formation Summary - chart 6 different formations

Football Statistics

This group of statistics summary forms was developed for a Youth football coach.  We reproduced his paper based forms so that he could reproduce them on demand.  The stats sheets have been included on our CD and a number of coaches have commented on their usefulness.

Statistics Tally Sheet : Offense  - Chart and tabulate Rushing, Passing and Receiving Stats (FX)


2 Point Conversion Chart - the chart of conventional wisdom on whether to go for 1 or 2 points after a TD (FX)

Special Teams Depth Chart - One Page Depth Chart for Kickoff, Kickoff Return, Punt and Xtra Point teams (FX)