Formation Tendencies


Formation Tendency reports "filter" or "sort" data to isolate tendencies by Offensive Formation.  These reports are typically part of the "second step" (along with Down and Distance) in the analysis process.

Please note that the sample illustrations below were recreated from actual reports and are only only a small sample of the Tendency reports included.  Also included are Ball Carrier, Receiver, Pass Pattern, Hole Hit and Pass Zone Hits by Formation.

The Play Tendency by Formation  report provides a snapshot of Play "type" usage, yards gained, and averages for various formations.


A similar report to the one above, this report combines the Formation's Strength and the Play's Direction and produces similar data. This makes it possible, for example, to determine whether a team is right or left handed for either formations, plays or a combination of the two.

The report also tabulates Pass/Run, Wide/Short and To/Away from Formation Strength totals for each formation.


For coaches who like to dissect the passing game, this report helps to identify the favorite Pass Patterns in each Offensive Formation as well as the effectiveness of each Pattern.

As is commonly the case with CompuSports programs, Patterns can be named using a coach's own terminology.