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Coachs Office Module Overview and Purchasing Guide Coachs Office Module Overview and Purchasing Guide
Coaches Office Module Overview and Purchasing Guide
Football Coaching Software from CompuSports

Coach's Office is a "modular" software application that enables a football coach to create play cards, playbooks, practice scripts, wristbands and presentations.

CompuSports offers the Coachs Office Pro Bundle, which includes the 3 "core" Coachs Office modules, including the Chalkboard (Play Card), Playbook and Practice Script modules, and the Slide show and Video add on modules. With the Pro Bundle, there are no capacity limitations for the number of Formations, Plays, Fronts and Coverages, and no limitation on important features such as playbook page template customization.


The Chalkboard  module is included in all versions of Coach's Office and is not available individually. The Chalkboard  is used to create, modify, save and delete "plays". Plays consist of an Offensive "Play", Defensive Front and Defensive Coverage.

These three "play components" are stored in a database and can be quickly "mixed and matched", using drop-down lists to aid in the creation of additional plays. There is no limit to the number of Formations, Plays, Defensive Fronts and Defensive Coverages in the Pro Version of the Chalkboard.

The Chalkboard module can Print Play Cards  - one at a time.


The Playbook module enables the user to create, manage and print Playbooks, Play Sheets, Scouting Reports and Wristbands. The Playbook module "uses" the Formation, Play, Front and Coverage "drawings" created in the Chalkboard module to create pages that contain one or more plays per page - with or without text.


The Script module sets Coachs Office apart from other software with its unique capabilities for creating, manage and print Play Cards, Play Sheets and Practice Scripts.  The Script module helps a coach structure 7 on 7 and other group periods, as well as team periods.

The Script serves as both an organizational tool for planning practice periods and a powerful printing "engine" for generating Play Cards in full size or "miniature" version - 2, 4, 6, 8, 16 or 32 plays per page (or in a user-defined number and layout). In addition, the Play Script module includes a practice planning tool for determining which plays were practiced.


The Pro Bundle includes the Chalkboard, Script and Playbook modules - what we refer to as the 3 "core modules" of the Coach's Office system . The Pro Bundle includes unlimited capacity for creating Play Cards, Practice (Play) Scripts and Playbooks.


The Slide Show is an add-on presentation module that is similar in concept to Microsoft's Powerpoint - designed to "present" Coach's Office drawings to a team or staff by connecting to a video projector.  Telestrator tools are available in multiple colors to enhance presentations.


The Video Module is an add-on video playback module that makes it possible to link video to illustrations created in the Coach's Office system . The Video Module can be used to play many forms of digital video files, and can directly read "Movie Projects" produced by the Easy-Scout Professional scouting and video editing system.

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