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The Football Coaching Forms Library is a popular and free service provided by CompuSports for over 20 years . 

All forms are originals - created either by us or by football coaches who contributed their favorite forms for us to share with other coaches - all free of charge. The (FX) designation indicates that the form was contributed.

This page contains more detailed descriptions than the Forms Index, which contains links to all forms listed here along with a few others.

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Breakdown, Scripting and Drawing Forms

Offensive Breakdown Form - 4 boxes per page. Draw and record. 

Defensive Breakdown Form - 4 boxes per page. Draw and record

Offensive Play Drawing Form - 4 boxes with 1 back. Defensive Perspective

Offensive Script Form - Grid. 

Offensive Script Form - Grid  (Style 2) (FX)

Offensive Script Form - Grid Style 3

Defensive Script Form - Grid.

General Purpose Down and Distance Summary - Grid

Play Chart Sheet (FX)

Blank for Pass Skeleton - chart with 8 boxes with interior line  (FX)

Game Plan Forms - for Defensive Coaches

Game Plan Template - Sample - A "filled in" Game Plan template in PDF format, illustrating how one coach used it. Contains actual tendency data summarized from Easy-Scout reports. Also includes a section for calling Defensive Fronts and Blitzes by Down and Distance situation. This form was featured in an article written by Mike Kuchar of

Game Plan Template - A blank Game Plan template in MS Word format - ready to use.  Fill in as little or as much as you want from your Down and Distance tendency data and your Defensive Package.

Offensive Game Plan Sheet - Multi purpose Offensive game plan sheet with columns for planning a "hole based" attack  (FX)

Game Plan Forms - for Offensive Coaches

Offensive "Ready Sheet" - A blank Offensive Game Plan template in MS Word format - ready to use.  Includes areas for listing runs, passes, special plays and more. Also includes a Down and Distance section with boxes for each Hash location, Game Script section and a 2 point decision chart.   (FX)

Tendency Summary Forms

General Purpose Down and Distance Summary - Grid - Designed to summarize plays taken from a game script. Can also be used to directly record plays or even defensive information.

Game Summary Form  - Comprehensive form for recording information about plays.  Designed to efficiently collect a great deal of information. Includes an area for play diagrams on each page.   (FX)

Formation Hit Chart - A chart with boxes for illustrating plays run by Formation or Formation and Hash. This example shows and explains two variations, and includes links to a number of different blank templates.

Single Formation Hit Chart template - This incorporate the charting capabilities explained in the example into a single chart

4 Box Formation Summary Template - Ideal for in-game use, this form can show 4 different formations

6 Box Formation Summary template - A 6 Box version of the Formation Summary - chart 6 different formations

Football Statistics

Statistics Tally Sheet : Offense  - Chart and tabulate Rushing, Passing and Receiving Stats (FX)


2 Point Conversion Chart - the chart of conventional wisdom on whether to go for 1 or 2 points after a TD (FX)

Special Teams Depth Chart - One Page Depth Chart for Kickoff, Kickoff Return, Punt and Xtra Point teams (FX)

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