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Athletic Equipment Manager


Athletic Equipment Manager is a computer software application for managing a Sports Clothing and Equipment Inventory that is suitable for a wide variety of sports equipment inventory management tasks - for individual teams or entire athletic departments.



Athletic Equipment Manager tracks inventory on a "real-time", transaction basis - making it possible to keep track of inventory levels, ensure a consistent supply and ensure that items are returned. An "item tag" (ID) feature makes it possible to assign and track equipment and clothing by number when necessary.

Athletic Equipment Manager's on-screen "lookup" and reporting capabilities make it quick and easy to determine the status of specific items or groups of inventory items, and Reports can be printed based on individuals or entire teams - to the screen, to the printer or directly to an Excel Spreadsheet or PDF file.


Available in two versions :

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Advanced Edition ..................................Was $199 - now only $99.95!
(Advanced Edition includes Purchasing, Receiving, Vendor management)

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