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Scorekeeping and Statistics

Football Statistics software makes it possible to collect and organize data and generate reports. Calculations and reports can be generated for individual games or groups of games - the latter for producing year-to-date and League/Non-League/Combined Statistical reports.

Most statistics software products are designed to work with "post-game" summaries, and work primarily as "data organizers". A small number make it possible to record each play's results and display "real time statistics in addition to producing half time or post game reports.

We recommend two Statistics products from a publisher that specializes in scoring and statistics products. Their Football Scorebook and Football Statsbook products work independently or together to provide a comprehensive solution for collecting and managing Football Statistics.

Football Scorebook

This "real-time" scoring and statistics system is suitable for Youth and High School scorekeeping tasks. Football coaches, statisticians and even fans will appreciate this program's combination of simplicity and functionality.


Football Statsbook

A statistics management system designed with the football coach in mind, Football Statsbook can import statistics directly from Football Scorebook. An excellent combination for managing both game-time and post game football statistical requirements.