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Football Playbook Software

Football Playbook software enables a football coach to create, organize and print play cards, playbook pages and entire playbooks. Presentation capabilites include animation and video playback.

When compared to general purpose software applications like Microsoft Word or Powerpoint, software that is designed specifically for football contains special tools for creating, placing, sizing and adjusting the playing field, lines, circles, boxes and curves typically used by football coaches.  The time saving This is most evident when its time to draw . There is simply no better way to draw a football play, and this is most evident when its time to draw curved lines, combine line types, or apply blocking "heads".

We offer PlayMaker Pro - the industry standard in Football Playbook Software for two decades. Available for Windows or Mac, it is used at all levels of football. In the video below, Joe Daniel, a High School Football Coach who recently reviewed a number of football playbook applications including Playmaker Pro, selected it as his top choice for drawing plays ..and he tested version 4.1 (published in 2008).  Playmaker Pro has come a long way since then ....