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Football Playbook Software

Football Playbook software enables a football coach to create, organize and print play cards, playbook pages and entire playbooks. Presentation capabilites include animation and video playback.

When compared to general purpose illustration software, the football-specific drawing tools in software specifically designed for the task make drawing lines, circles, boxes, curves, and "squiggles" easier and faster than applications like Word and Powerpoint. This is most evident when its time to draw curved lines or apply blocking "heads" . There is simply no better way to draw a football play than with software designed to draw a football play, and the playbook software application that we offer make it easy to create play illustrations that can be used with other applications.

We offer PlayMaker Pro - the industry standard in Football Playbook Software for two decades. Available for Windows or Mac, Playmaker Pro keeps getting better, and now has a companion "app" that makes it possible to view plays, playbooks and animations on an iPhone or iPad.


Playmaker Pro is used at all levels..from Youth to the NFL.  It offers play drawing tools and capabilities that save time and produces great looking diagrams.