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Playmaker Pro

PlayMaker Pro is one of the original Football Playbook software applications. Current versions are available for Windows and Macintosh computers, and a version for the Apple's iPad is also available.

Playmaker Pro enables a football coach to create play cards, playbooks, handouts, flash cards, presentations, and animations. 

Playmaker Pro "documents", or Playbook files can contain one or more pages with one or more plays on each page. There is no limit to the number of documents, pages, or plays that can be created. PlayMaker Pro's ability to display full page illustrations and easily advance from page to page along with its animation capabilities and its ability to display video make it a capable presentation tool for team and staff meetings. PlayMaker Pro is used by thousands of coaches in the NFL, NCAA, and at High School and Youth levels, and includes a staff license at no additional charge.


Numerous improvements have been added in recent versions, and its easier than ever to save Playmaker drawings or pages as images for use in other software applications, post to websites or email to fellow coaches. Long available for Windows and Mac, Playmaker's new document conversion feature makes it easier to move playbooks between versions. Plus, now Playmaker has a companion "app" for Apple's iPad and iPhone that makes it possible to edit and view Playmaker documents on iOS devices.

Create and distribute digital your printed Playbooks with the leader in Playbook software for over 20 years.  Order your copy of Playmaker Pro today !


Playmaker Pro - Windows Version - Staff License.................................. $199


Playmaker Pro - Mac Version - Staff License   .................................. $199