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Software for managing the Athletic Recruiting process

"Easy-Recruiter has made me a much more effective and efficient recruiter. I am now able to keep more accurate and up-to-date information on each recruit and it is all available at the click of a mouse. Never again will I waste time meticulously flipping through the pages of my 'recruiting notebook'. Now that I have experienced the convenience of the Easy-Recruiter, I can’t imagine how I got along without it. I truly have enjoyed using it! "


Nick Gast Asst. Men's Basketball Coach S.E. Louisiana Univ.

There are few coaching responsibilities that are as data-intensive as the athletic recruiting process. Initially, a large amount of initial contact data must be recorded, stored and managed. As the recruiting year progresses, and an athlete moves through the recruiting process from prospect to recruit, frequent "status" updates to the recruiting data are necessary. Finally, at the end of the process, an assessment of the success of the year's recruiting efforts must be completed.


Throughout this process, coaches need to have current, easily accessible information. Ideally, that information reflects not only a particular coach's contacts with an athlete, but also contacts with other staff members, campus visits, off-site visits to high schools, academic results, admissions activity and more.  Without a computer and a recruiting software application, it is difficult if not impossible for a coach, recruiter, athletic director, or other member of the athletic staff to maintain and access this constantly changing recruiting information.

Athletic Recruiting Software like Easy-Recruiter can solve this problem.