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Question: Why are some of your Windows software products now free?

Answer:  While it was not an easy decision, the software industry and user preferences have shifted away from "packaged software" in favor of online, "cloud-based" software and mobile/tablet devices and apps.  We determined that while it no longer made business-sense for us to continue to invest in some of our existing applications, we would continue to make them available.  We continue to offer an advanced version of our Athletic Equipment Manager product at a reduced price.   This change did not affect the products that we distribute on behalf of our publishers.

Question: How does this affect the support for your current applications?

Answer:  We continue to provide support for our applications, which is explained on our Technical Support page.


Question: Do you have trial versions available?

Answer: Trial versions are available for our Athletic Equipment Manager product as well as our Easy-Scout products. The Easy-Scout products are now free but are initially installed as a Trial Version that must be activated. Simply complete the Contact Form to request a link to download a trial or Free version.


Question: Will your products work on a Chromebook?  How about an iPad, Android tablet or Smartphone?

Answer: * No. Our products require Microsoft Windows (anything from Windows XP through Windows 10). Please note that computers with Windows 10 in "S" mode installed will require a change in a setting (turning off "S" mode) in order to run our products (and many others).  While turning off "S" mode will expand the functionality of the computer, its a good idea to understand the pros and cons of Windows 10 S Mode - this article has a good explanation


Question: Do your products work on Windows 11?

Answer:  Our products have NOT been tested on Windows 11.  They should work, however, on Windows 11 if it is not in S Mode.  We strongly recommend installing a trial version if it is available before purchasing any of our products.