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Question: Do you have trial versions available?

Answer: Trial versions are available for our Easy-Scout and Athletic Equipment Manager products. Simply complete the Request a Trial Version form at the bottom of the product description page and a link will be sent to you to download the trial version.


Question: Will your products work on a Chromebook?  How about an iPad, Android tablet or Smartphone?

Answer: * No. Our products require Microsoft Windows (anything from Windows XP through Windows 10). Please note that computers with Windows 10 in "S" mode installed will require a change in a setting (turning off "S" mode) in order to run our products (and many others).  While turning off "S" mode will expand the functionality of the computer, its a good idea to understand the pros and cons of Windows 10 S Mode - this article has a good explanation


* We recently launched a pilot project in which our Easy-Scout and Athletic Equipment Manager products can be accessed over the internet from a web browser or Remote Desktop client.  This enables any computer - Windows or Mac, Chromebook,  etc. and many tablets to run the software, and makes sharing applications and data possible.  Contact Us for additional information.