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This version of our Easy-Scout Game Breakdown form was originally designed to help football coaches script Offensive plays sequentially .  It was first developed for a High School Football Defensive Coordinator to "scout" an Offense, but can also be use to "self-scout" by an Offense.  Some coaches have found that it helps to quickly reveal tendencies as a game progresses.


Click here to download our Free Football Scouting form (PDF Version)


There are a couple of things about the design of the form that are worth mentioning:


- The Hash, Down, Distance, Formation Strength, Play Direction and Play Type columns are designed to make it is easy to circle the appropriate item.


- The Distance to go for a first down has S, M and L (Short, Medium, Long) in the upper half of the cell so its easy to either circle the distance range, enter the actual Yards to go for a first down below the S, M, L or both.


-- The # column is for the Play Number.


- There is no column to record the Series - we usually just draw a line between series.


- There is little room to draw plays (we have other forms for that).


- It is possible to use the comment section for a few illustrations per page, especially if you write small.


The form can be used by coaches in "the box" during a game, but we have other forms that may be more appropriate for that purpose.


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