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We provide technical support services for the current products that we publish, including Easy-Scout, Easy-Recruiter and Athletic Equipment Manager.  For products that we distribute - Playmaker Pro, Coachs Office, Football Scorebook and Football Statsbook, support is provided by the product's publisher.


Complete our Contact Form to request assistance and ask questions about the use of our products. Be sure to include your contact information, including an email address. If the purchaser was a school, be sure to include that information as well. We will either respond directly, or forward the support request to the publisher.


"Call back" Telephone Support is provided for the current versions of the products that we publish. Telephone support is free for an initial startup period after the initial purchase, depending on the product purchased. After that, support is provided in our software maintenance plans or on a per call basis. Telephone support can be requested by completing the Contact Form or by callling the Technical Support number that is provided when a software maintenance plan is purchased.


Online, Remote Support is sometimes used by us at our discretion to supplement email and telephone support, and is available for the products that we publish.




We provide instructional and technical reference resources for the products that we publish. Manuals, online and offline help files, and video tutorials are among the types of self-help resources that are available. Information for accessing our self-help resources is provided when a product is purchased.