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The information below applies to all products EXCEPT Playmaker Pro. Visit the Playmaker Pro page for detailed information for that product specifically, however what is written below regarding Windows in "S" Mode is applicable to Playmaker Pro as well as the products listed below.


Easy-Scout, Athletic Equipment Manager and Easy-Recruiter


The current versions of Easy-Scout (Plus and Pro), Athletic Equipment Manager (Standard and Advanced) and Easy-Recruiter are compatible with all versions of Windows of Windows XP and Windows 7, all versions of Windows 8 EXCEPT Windows 8 RT, and all versions of Windows 10 EXCEPT those running in "S" Mode (see below).  


Each product mentioned has been installed and tested on these Windows versions by our customers as well as our technical support team.  We expect that the products will be compatible with Windows 11 (EXCEPT those running in S Mode), but have not tested them on Windows 11. 


Understanding Windows "S" Mode


Some "consumer" PCs come with Windows 10 or 11 in "S" Mode.  This means that ONLY software that is obtained from the Windows Store can be installed, and only MicroSoft Edge can be used as a Web browser - unless "S" Mode is turned off.  


This is an FAQ from Microsoft related to S Mode, how to turn it off, and the pros and cons of doing so.   There are also instructions for disabling "S" Mode Experienced PC users will most likely turn off S Mode immediately, and it is possible to purchase computers with Windows versions that are NOT in S Mode (usually significantly more expensive computer).  Inexperienced users are encouraged to read the FAQ before disabling "S" Mode.


Reputation management policies preventing software downloads


In recent years, a number of large tech companies have chosen to erect "barriers" for downloading and installing software. This was done to make it more difficult for malware to be installed on a PC by using "artificial intelligence" to predict whether software is "commonly downloaded".  For specialized software, it has become increasingly likely that "road blocks" of varying degrees will be encountered - from warnings to actually preventing a computer user from downloading and/or installing software that is "not commonly downloaded". When a download is blocked, the software usually cant be installed without a number of additional steps.


While "S Mode" and reputation management download protection can be frustrating, a tech-savvy computer user or support person will usually be able to work around these issues (disabling "S" Mode and installing software that fails the "reputation management" test).   In the event Windows S Mode or download or installation restrictions prevent you from trying or using one of our products,  Contact Us  for assistance.