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The information below applies to all products EXCEPT Playmaker Pro. Refer to the Playmaker Pro page for compatibility and system requirements for Playmaker Pro.


Easy-Scout, Athletic Equipment Manager and Easy-Recruiter


The current versions of Easy-Scout (Plus and Pro), Athletic Equipment Manager (Standard and Advanced) and Easy-Recruiter are compatible with all versions of Windows XP and Windows 7, all versions of Windows 8 EXCEPT Windows 8 RT, and all versions of Windows 10 and 11 EXCEPT those running in "S" Mode (see below).  


Understanding Windows "S" Mode


Some "consumer" PCs come with Windows 10 or 11 in "S" Mode.  When Windows is operating in S Mode, only software applications that are downloaded from MicroSoft's Windows Store can be used.  This severely limits the applications that are available unless "S Mode" is turned off (see below). For example, Google Chrome is currently not included in the Windows store, and only MicroSoft's Edge can be used as a Web browser - unless "S" Mode is turned off.  


This is an FAQ from Microsoft related to S Mode, how to turn S Mode off, and the pros and cons of doing so.   While our assessment is that S Mode severely limits the functionality of a Windows computer, we encourage everyone to consider how a computer will be used and understand the Pros and Cons of S Mode before disabling it. 


Reputation management policies that prevent software downloads


In recent years, MicroSoft has used "artificial intelligence" to predict whether software is "commonly downloaded" - a practice that has been referred to as reputation management. It has then, in turn, used a variety of tactics to prevent less common applications from being easily downloaded and installed. The tactics range from warnings to blocking a download or installation. 


While "S Mode" and reputation management induced download prevention can be frustrating, an experienced computer user or support person will usually be able to work around these issues.   In the event Windows S Mode or download / installation restrictions prevent you from downloading or using one of our products, feel free to Contact Us  for assistance.