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Coaching Forms Library updated with additional Formation Hit Charts


We recently expanded our Coaching Forms Library with a number of reproducible Formation Hit Chart templates. The Hit Charts can be used while breaking down game video, to prepare Game Plans or for in-game charting.


A variety of styles are available and the forms are free to download and reproduce.


CompuSports celebrates 35 Year Anniversary


The year was 1984, and Apple Computer (now Apple Inc.) had just released its first Macintosh computer to complement its Apple II, III and Lisa computers.

Football coaches at that time recorded and analyzed games on 16mm film, and "live scouting" of games was a common practice at the High School and Collegiate levels.   It was arguably the "dawn of the computer age" when Easy-Scout debuted for Apple II computers in February of that same year.


One of a handful of "scouting software programs" available at the time, Easy-Scout began as a computer science project at Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove, PA, when a member of its football coaching staff wrote a mainframe "program" to reveal opponent tendencies.  In the 35 years that followed, Easy-Scout evolved and adapted to changes in computing technology, introducing a number of design innovations along the way.  Easy-Scout Plus and Professional remain as traditional, computer software applications (once called "computer programs", but now referred to as "apps") that provide football coaches with tools for performing game analysis with scouting data and digital video. 


Always moderately priced and a "one-time purchase" alternative to subscription-based "cloud" applications, both versions of Easy-Scout can be installed on computers running most versions of Microsoft Windows (see compatibility notes).