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CompuSports celebrates 35 Year Anniversary


The year was 1984, and Apple Computer (now Apple Inc.) had just released its first Macintosh computer to complement its Apple II, III and Lisa computers. While Apple computers were dominant in the K-12 education market, the IBM PC with its floppy-based PC and XT - the latter endowed with a "whopping" 10MB Hard Drive owned the business market, with the higher education market soon to follow.

Football coaches at that time recorded and analyzed games on 16mm film, and "live scouting" of games was a common practice at the High School and College level.   It was arguably the "dawn of the computer age" when Easy-Scout debuted for Apple II computers in February of the same year. One of a handful of "scouting software programs" available at the time, Easy-Scout traces its origins to the prior football season when, in the computer science "lab" of Division III Susquehanna University, a member of its football coaching staff wrote a mainframe "program" to reveal opponent tendencies as a class project.


In the 35 years that followed, Easy-Scout evolved and adapted to changes in computing technology, until it reached its current form .  Easy-Scout Plus and Professional are traditional, computer software applications (once called "computer programs", now referred to as "apps") that provide football coaches with tools for performing game analysis with scouting data and digital video.


Easy-Scout offers a moderately priced, "one-time purchase" alternative to the subscription-based "cloud" applications that are prevalent today. The software can be downloaded and installed on computers running Microsoft Windows.