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CompuSports was founded in 1984 to publish and distribute football coaching software. Our Easy-Scout software was one of the first football scouting software applications designed to run on personal computers.  Easy-Scout evolved over four decades and remains available for computers running Microsoft Windows.


Easy-Scout products have always provided football coaches with tools for collecting, managing, and analyzing game data using a traditional software application that does not require an annual subscription.   Easy-Scout introduced a number of innovations to the scouting software category.  From the very first version of Easy-Scout, we enabled a coach to use his own terminology with words (as opposed to the cryptic computer codes that were dominant at the time) to name formations and plays.   Easy-Scout also featured "intelligent default values" to speed up data entry by using the result of the previous play.


During our first 25 years, our primary focus was the publication, maintenance and support of traditional software applications for scouting, video analysis, athletic recruiting and athletic equipment inventory management. We also distributed the industry's leading playbook applications, including Chalk Talk, Playmaster, Playmaker Pro and Coachs Office on behalf of their publishers.    A number of these applications, including Easy-Scout and Playmaker Pro, are still available today.


As the internet arrived as a viable platform for publishing and eCommerce in the late '90's, we created a number of coaching-themed web sites  including The CompuSports Media Exchange - a site focused on the publication and distribution of coaching information in the form of articles, eBooks and videos.    


In 2009, we acquired the Option football coaching web site - from its founder, who had created the site as a clearinghouse for articles related to the highly popular approach to Offensive football .  Shortly thereafter, we added videos and podcasts to Option Central's collection of educational material.


The evolution of our video content is evident on our YouTube Channel .  Launched in 2013, the channel includes a sampling of the material available at Option Central, including a number of Play of the Day Chalk Talk videos that we produced in collaboration (over the internet) with Tony DeMeo. Coach DeMeo, a widely renowned authority and innovator in the world of Option football embraced our technology-enhanced Chalk Talk format, leading to a long-time collaboration that has resulted in a series of 9 Virtual Playbook DVDs (now available in streaming format) and 10 CoachTube "courses".   While our software activities are on hiatus, we remain active with these and other publishing-related activities and projects.