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CompuSports was founded in 1984 to publish and distribute football coaching software. Our Easy-Scout software - one of the first football scouting software applications that was designed to run on personal computers, evolved over four decades and remains available for computers running Microsoft Windows. Easy-Scout products have always provided football coaches with tools for collecting, managing, and analyzing game data using a traditional software application that does not require an annual subscription or internet connection. 


 Over the years, we published a number of other software applications, including Easy-Recruiter (athletic recruiting software) and Athletic Equipment Manager (sports clothing and equipment inventory management), and distributed leading playbook and statistics applications on behalf of their publishers.   A number of these applications are still available to  purchase. 


In early 2001, we created a network of coaching-themed web sites including a platform for publishing and distribute coaching software and eBooks.  We named the site The CompuSports Media Exchange, which remains in existence to this day.  As computer hardware, software and multimedia digital publishing technology evolved exponentially in the ensuing years, we partnered with, and later acquired the leading option football coaching web site, from its founder.  The CompuSports Media Exchange and remain popular educational resources for football coaches to this day.


Early in 2021, we discontinued a number of our software applications, reduced the price of others, and made others accessible online.


Stay tuned..we are not finished - at least, not just yet !