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Question: Does your software get installed on my computer, or do I need an internet connection to run it?

Answer: All of our products get installed on a desktop or laptop computer. No internet connection is required.


Question: Are your products a one-time purchase or subscription?

Answer: All of our products are available as a one-time purchase.


Question: How many computers can I install a program on? When do I need to purchase additional licenses?

Answer:  This varies by the product.  Playmaker Pro comes with a staff license.  Athletic Equpment Manager requires a license for each computer and additional licenses are available at a reduced cost when required.


Question: If I begin with a Trial Version, will the information entered be available if I purchase/activate the software?

Answer: YES. All data entered in a trial version will be available when the software is purchased and/or activated.


Question: Can the data in your software be moved and shared easily between multiple computers or multiple users?

Answer: YES. This is easier with some products than others, but all of our products use data files that can be moved and copied. "Cloud" storage applications like DropBox and OneDrive make sharing Playbook and Scouting game files easy.   Our Athletic Equipment Inventory application (Advanced Edition) is designed to allow multiple users to access and update share data simultaneously.


Question: Is there a discount for purchasing multiple copies or licenses ?

Answer: YES. We offer a discount to organizations that require multiple user licenses for our Athletic Equipment Manager software. The discount varies based on the number of additional licenses that are required.