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Software for managing an Athletic Equipment Inventory

“I love Compusports' Equipment Manager software.  It takes the hassle of keeping track of vendors, equipment, and who is issued what. It has lightened my paper work load big time! "


Brandi Sineath / Goose Creek (SC) High School Athletics

In a time of tight athletic budgets, the need for controlling the cost of a school or team's Athletic Clothing and Equipment has never been greater. Without a computer, it is difficult if not impossible for a coach, equipment manager or athletic director to maintain an accurate inventory and control the associated costs. Athletic Equipment Management software can solve this problem.

Athletic Equipment Inventory Management software helps Coaches, Equipment Managers and Athletic Directors to collect, organize and manage the information associated with maintaining a sports clother and equipment inventory. Our products are used by high schools and colleges, youth leagues, recreation departments and semi-pro teams. They're easy to learn, easy to use, and priced affordably..starting at only $99.