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Easy-Scout Plus

One of the first scouting software applications for personal computers, Easy-Scout has helped coaches build better game plans for over 35 years. Easy-Scout Plus reveals both Offensive and Defensive tendencies, makes it possible to determine the effectiveness of play calls and spots weaknesses - for your opponents, or for "self-scouting".

The sample screen shots below illustrate how Easy-Scout accepts football information using your terminology, can be easily customized to your requirements, and includes both on-screen analysis tools as well as reporting capabilities. Whether you want to focus on basic Down and Distance, Formation/Play or Front/Coverage/Blitz tendency reports, or analyze Motion, Hole and Pass Zone hits, Ball Carriers, Receivers and Pass Patterns, Easy-Scout has you covered.

Easy-Scout Plus  ..................................$49.95

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Easy-Scout - helping coaches build game plans since 1984.