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Easy-Scout Professional

Easy-Scout Professional combines football scouting, video editing, video analysis and video publishing capabilities in a single, modular Windows software application. Easy-Scout "Pro" makes it possible to watch game video on a computer while recording information about each play - making it possible to quickly retrieve individual plays or groups of plays for video analysis and producing "cutups" and highlight videos (with the optional Video Publishing module).

The sample screen shots below illustrate how Easy-Scout Professional accepts football information using your terminology, its video-enabled Play Analyzer that controls the viewing of specific plays or groups of plays, and its Report Manager that delievers the same reporting capabilities included in our Easy-Scout Plus application.




Video-enabled members of the Easy-Scout family, a leader in football scouting software since 1984..
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Easy-Scout Professional  Video Scouting .................................. $295.00


Easy-Scout Professional with publishing module .... $495


Easy-Scout Professional Season Pass 1 year subscription.... $195

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